108 N FRANKLIN ST, WATKINS GLEN, NY, 14891-1226 

House of Hong Inc in Watkins Glen, New York, is an upscale dine-in eatery of about 3,000 square feet serving up to 80 at a time. The large area allows for an orderly setting arrangement and plenty of personal space for patrons. “Western fashion and eastern culture are harmoniously integrated in House of Hong Inc. You can also appreciate the elegance of Chinese culture while enjoying a gourmet experience,” emphasizes the owner Mr. Hong. The modern yet cozy ambiance is quite pleasing to locals.


The menu here matches the upscale interior. The food is top-quality Chinese cuisine. “We offer a wide array of top pick items, ranging from traditional General Tso's Chicken, Beef w. Broccoli and Sweet & Sour Chicken to new style healthy entrees such as the Snow Bean w. Water Chestnut and Mixed Vegetables to name a few,” boasts Hong.


Buffet restaurant pays much more attention to the freshness of food. At House of Hong, everything is kept the utmost fresh and in the best quality. There’s no over stock or left-over in the kitchen. As provisions are purchased regularly, dishes are guaranteed to be fresh and flavorful. Thus, there’s nothing can be blame about the freshness.


The experience offered at House of Hong Inc. must be lived first hand.